Friday, October 24, 2008

Teach for America bootcamp -- living in the dorms??

An interesting piece of information was passed along to me today concerning the Teach for American "summer institute" -- under muttered breath, often spoken of simply as bootcamp.

While I was aware that such a bootcamp existed, I was informed today that this bootcamp takes place on some college campus where all new TFA members must LIVE for 5-6 weeks. Live. In dorm rooms.

While I can see where such room and board accomidations would be a godsend for a youngin' just out of school, I think it would be a non-starter for me. I'm currently looking into the situation to see if, in fact, I would have to live away from home (and hence away from The Wife and my home, etc) or whether I could simply go there in the morning and leave at the end of the day.

I completely understand the need for a few weeks of an extremely intensive workload, going from early in the AM until late at night. But to require that I live with the others is, well, a little cultish and creepy.

More info on this when I get it.

Oh -- and my interview is on Tuesday. I have my lesson plan mostly laid out, and I'm rearing to go.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know corps stay in bootcamps. I thought their training was like the Fellows'. I'd love to know more about this.

Anonymous said...

You must in fact live in the dorms. You are free to leave on weekends. My very close friend is a 2007 corps member. She is married and that was her situation. I am applying for the 2009 corps as well and as I am also married, I expect to experience the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is ridiculous and unfair to those who live near the bootcamps. Yikes... drink the koo-aid ... drink the kool-aid.

OneStar said...

Good luck on your interview!!

Amy said...

I'm a TFA alum, and while the majority of corps members do in fact live in the dorm rooms during institute, I know of several people who were able to get things worked out for their circumstances.

I trained in Houston, and corps members who lived in Houston often stayed at their own places -- it was no big deal. There are often meetings that go into the late evening hours though and being able to walk upstairs to bed was easier for some too.

The few CMs I knew with families were also about to get their circumstances worked out. If you were attending training in the same city where you live, I'm sure you could work something out. I wouldn't let that be a deal buster for you.

Best of luck in your interview.

Bronx2020 said...

Amy -- yeah, that's what I've discerned as well. I mean, really, even if they "required" you to stay -- without exception -- it's not like they can post a sentry guard outside my room 8)

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