Sunday, October 26, 2008

Follow up ... Teach for America bootcamp -- living in the dorms

Just a follow up to the whole issue of having to live in the dorms.
I've gotten some info back from someone from Teach for America, and it seems like special cases can be made for people who live nearby or have certain family situations, etc.

And frankly, I can't imagine how they would enforce such a rule. Even if I "had to" live in the dorms, what's to stop me from simply leaving at night and coming back in the morning? It'd be pretty silly of them to even try and quarantine a person like that (especially a clever bastard like myself).

So, I'm a little less concerned about this now and I can go back to being concerned about the interview on Tuesday and my lesson plan.


Adelaide said...

phew! as someone with a family of my own, if i had to stay in dorms while training, i wouldn't be teaching today!

good luck with your interview!

OneStar said...

This is really strange. I wonder what's the location of the boot camp in NYC. Let us know how it goes on the interview. Mine is on the 30th.
Good Luck!!

Bronx2020 said...

From my understanding, the NYC bootcamp is at St. Johns University -- which is way out in Queens. What's good is that from where I am in the Bronx, it's only a 25min commute.

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