Monday, October 20, 2008

Blazer ... CHECK!

I bought my big-boy blazer yesterday for my Teach for America interview next Tuesday. Other than the suit I got married in (which is quite nice, but not necessarily appropriate for an interivew) I really didn't have anything else to wear that wasn't casual.

But no longer! I now have my dark-brown Blazer. I'm ready to rock-n-roll.

Oh, and I think I had a super-sweet light-bulb moment over the weekend while working on my sample lesson plan. And man, 5 minutes FLIES. I think most people are going to try to shove too much material and content into their lesson.


OneStar said...

In my experience at least with NYCTF it has been the opposite. Most people did pre-k - 3rd grade demo lessons shorter than the 5 minutes. Don't forget to engage and assess everyone. I think that's the difficult part given the short time. tonight is the webinar!!

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