Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Open House for Hunter College Education Masters

I'm skipping out of work early and going to the Hunter College School of Education Open House for Prospective Graduate Students. It's in the Hunter West building from 4-5:30 today.

I know -- it's a traditional education Masters program, having nothing to do with either the NYC Teaching Fellows or the Teach for America program. I'm going for two reasons:

1) I'm sure there'll be useful information about an education masters program in general -- which is part of both of the alternative certification programs I'm looking to do.

2) You can't have enough fall-back plans, and while NYCTF is plan A, and TFA is plan B .... it's always good to have a plan C.

I'll post back with any good information I gather. However, given my experience with information sessions of all sorts thus far, I'm not expecting any serious enlightenment.


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