Friday, March 13, 2009

More delays and financial upheaval

I got further communications from Teach for America. They've basically re-re-re-waitlisted for the time being. They were actually quite open and clear about the situation. School districts really don't know what they'll be able to afford next school year, and thus they have no idea how many teachers they'll have spots for. I'm not mad at them -- it is what it is. They intend to send out updates on status mid-April then again in May and provide FINAL statuses by end of May -- which I take to mean that if they still don't know the situation by the end of May, that they'll be canceling all further placements for this year.

I'm to hear back from NYC Teacing Fellows next week, but I imagine it will be much the same response.

Aside from all this, there's been some major ground-shifting under my feet in the meanwhile. Without going into great detail, let's just say that the financial landscape for me and my wife has undegone a fairly signifiant change recently. Between this and the ungoing uncertainty with both TFA and NYCTF, I really don't see me going into the teaching profession right now.

Perhaps this was not my time.


Marybeth said...

Wow, it sounds like you're going through a lot. My husband and myself both applied for TFA this year (the Jan 7th deadline). I didn't get in, and he was wait-listed. Reading your blog is quite disconcerting to us as it seems like their organization of placements for wait-listed candidates can be a drawn-out experience. We have a wee baby and aren't really willing to take too many chances on waiting until May just to be re-waitlisted hoping and praying for TFA to come through especially since our lease also ends right then!
Good luck to you and I hope that the other position brings you great news or something fabulous comes along for you both.
Mb and Tl

Anonymous said...


I just stumbled on your blog after googling "rejected from nyctf," because that's what just happened to me this afternoon. I am rather bummed out because it would have been a good option to have on the table, but I am trying to focus on other options I can create for myself.

I am deciding between going thru with med school or pursuing teaching. I don't really know where to start to find information on the basics of the whole field, ie., certification, masters/phd programs, etc. You seem to know quite a bit about the whole field (I had no idea the pension system existed til I read your post on it a few minutes ago) . . . do you have any suggestions as to where I can find all these good stuff?

Thanks so much and best of luck,

Miss A. Nonymous

Anonymous said...

I found your blog on March 10th when I searched the phrase “Teach For America Waitlist.” I read about several other experiences similar to yours as well. Some people are choosing to stay on the waitlist while others withdraw. My status was revealed on the 10th. When I found out I was waitlisted, I felt unsettled. A friend of mine was accepted into the program. She’ll be teaching in one of the regions near the west coast. I have decided to stay on the waitlist, but look for other opportunities just in case it doesn’t come through. I don’t think it would hurt. Keep your head up though something will come around.

Anonymous said...

I hope everything turns out alright with finances. I'm also waitlisted for TFA (nyc as highly preferred) and decision pending for NYCTF. I hope you'll be able to hear back from them soon!

Jose said...

Your voice resonates. And I hear it loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a while reading comments of other posters and seeing if anyone else had anything to say about the waitlist. If I could offer some advice for you because I know that being in limbo is quite disappointing. I applied for the Jan. 7th deadline and got waitlisted. However I did have some success first I contacted my regional recruiter and told her that I wanted to expand my regions and be more flexible. I know that having a spouse and a kid (do you have a kid im just assuming) is a lot and relocation may not be preferred but the only region that needs placements is the MS delta. Secondly I wrote letters and will be sending them today to the MS Delta regional office stating that I am urgently seeking placement in their region since it is critical need. I also have stressed that I have a job offer and will need to know BEFORE the April 20th follow up or I will take the other position even-though I am most passionate about TFA. I stressed that these trying economic times require that I act in the best interest of my family but I do not want this current economic situation to derail my pursuit of TFA and its mission and I am urgently asking to be placed before May to ensure I can be a part of this great movement. Finally, I visited my regional office and the day I visited there happened to be an individual from Admissions who is going to try to get me a placement in the MS delta as well. Its a great region to be placed its high need and 35k in MS can go really far. I have been looking and you can rent a rather large house 3br 2baths for simply 1000 a month. I would say go that route. Let me know if it works out. Unfortunately I will leave this comment anonymous (until i get placed!) for obvious reasons but I will try to check to see how things work out for you. Perhaps I will meet you at the Houston institute if this all works out for you! Best of Luck

Alex at BB said...

Hi, I wanted to invite you to a DonorsChoose event with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday. It is very late notice but if your interested please email me as early as you can on Monday.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a while now. (I also applied to TFA and was waitlisted). I hope you got good news on the 20th!


Anonymous said...

Did you get good news on the 20th?

Aaron said...

I loved reading about your journey...Where do you stand now? I and I'm sure many others would love an update of your situation/life :) thank you!

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