Friday, January 16, 2009

My TFA, My LAST, My Everything

A few updates here.

First, someone commented on a previous post that the "letter" that you see when you log into the TFA applicant portal changed, and now said that we're waitlisted through March, and not until January 20th. As soon as I saw this, I logged in and checked. Indeed, it said March. I was pissed beyond description.

However, I looked today and it says January 20th once again.

Go figure.

I guess I'm still going to find out on Jan 20th. My guess is that it was a technical/computer burp.

There was some other comments on the NYC Teaching Fellows Live Journal site that indicated that the wait time for hearing back from the Teaching Fellows had changed, and it would be 8-10 weeks rather than some other length of time. But really, 8-10 weeks from my initial interview (Dec 2) puts me in the end of January, which is kind of what I was expecting anyway.

And finally, I got my results in from the LAST exam (the intial teacher certification exam that ev ery NY teacher has to take). I won't get into the particulars, but I passed with flying colors.

I'm still feeling a little unsure and fairly anxious about all of this. With the economy doing what it's doing and the NYC education system having to cut back as it is, I wonder if this is the right year for me to be doing this.

Hopefully I'll have some answers in the next week or two.


Anonymous said...

Most of the fellows I know got their answer within 4 weeks. It's a bit different for everyone. I've heard of some people who waited up to 3 months, other who were in a wait list and later were not accepted. You never know with these type of programs. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hey, check your transitional funding page on tfa website. i am waitlisted too and mine says i have been awarded funding, yet doesnt say that i was accepted. guess we find out tuesday! good luck

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I applied first deadline for TFA too and my page said I'd been awarded funding about three weeks before decisions were due and that I would find out the amount on notification day. On notification day I found out that I got in and then it told me the amount of funding.

Someone else I know turned in all their transitional info and the site acknowledged having the paper work but said zip about a decision and they didn't get in so . . I don't know, maybe that's an indicator???

Good luck today!

Anonymous said...

any news?

Anonymous said...

hey, what's your status with TFA and NYCTF. i've been keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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