Monday, November 3, 2008

NYC Teaching Fellows interview scheduled...

After being in a sort of application-limbo for the last month, NYCTF finally put up their interview schedule today on their website. The website was completely slammed all morning, so it was like trying to get Yankee tickets on Ticketmaster the morning tickets go on sale ... in other words, it was a giant pig-screw.

I managed to get a slot on the first day of interviews, Dec 2nd. I also got logged in for my Sufferering Compatriot (we shall still call her 'K') and she got a slot that same day. I'll be holding my little secrets of getting into bogged down websites close to the vest -- since I still want an advantage next Spring when yankee tickets go on sale. 8)

The horribly lagged website and the vague timeframe (i.e. schedules will be up some time in November) both lend to the continuing bad vibes I've been getting about NYCTF -- especially as compared to Teach for America.

I'll be curious how the NYCTF interview goes and how it compares with my TFA interview experience.


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