Monday, October 6, 2008

Teach for America -- the final interview. WOOT! WOOT!


I got an invite to the final, in-person interview for the Teach for America program today. I've already signed up for the interview on Tue-Oct-28 at the TFA National HQ in NYC. The sucker's all day. 9am-6pm. Oooooofah!

I also had to put in my preferences for subject area and region. Of course, I put down that I could only do TFA in New York. From what I've gathered already, the fact that I'm married, The Wife's job is not movable at all, and I'm a new homeowner -- should make it pretty easy for me to get NYC.

The TFA application process is starting to get a little too baroque for my tastes. I also had to enter in every single detail for every single class I've ever taken (class name, number, department, credits, grade) ... for my entire transcript. They're going to get official copies of my transcripts eventually. Strikes me as horribly inefficient.

So, I have 22 days to get my 5-minute lesson plan done and to figure out what I'm going to wear. I feel I need a blazer of some sort. In my mind, that's what teachers wear.


OneStar said...

Congratulations!! I too was selected for the final interview.What's up with all these articles we need to read? and the 9 hour long interview day? yikes!!With the NYTF the interview is about 3 hours long... Let us know how it goes...

aries1884 said...

i'm thinking of applying to the tfa program, how did your interview go? do you think a recent college graduate will survive it?

Bronx2020 said...

Thanks for the well wishing onestar.

And aries -- I wouldn't spend any time second guessing yourself. Apply for it. I believe the 2nd application deadline is Nov 7th.

Personally, I think that people who have been in the work-world for a number of years have a leg-up on people right out of college -- if only because they've probably been through a number of interviews ... but the majority of TFA applications are right out of school.

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