Thursday, September 25, 2008

Plan B, step 2 .... ACHIEVED!!

Plan B being Teach for America. Step 2 being invited for a phone interview.

I got the email today from Teach for America and have already scheduled my 30min phone interview for 11:20am this Saturday. I also put my two "online recommenders" and my back-up reference person in.

We are suppose to read 3 articles:

  1. "Closing the Achievement Gap" by Kati Haycock
  2. "Education expert Haycock: With change, achievement is possible" by NYSUT News Wire
  3. "Washington Commentary: Redefining 'Inexcusable'" by Anne C. Lewis
And, I suppose, be able to speak about them during the interview -- as well as speak about our past job, scholastic, and leadership experience. I've already scanned the articles and, well, I'll give it to TFA, they're really on message ... all the time. It's all about their MISSION. Closing the achievement gap, etc. It's becoming quite obvious that they're interested in getting people to bark their ideals back to them. I've heard some of the same from some people on various message boards.

So they can't just let you teach, they have to indoctrinate as well.

It's ok though. I can play that game.

Look out Teach for America, I'm 'bout to bust yo door in mutha-F-er!!!


OneStar said...

Congratulations, I hope you do well on your interview. Please let me know all details, mine is on Monday!!

Adelaide said...

congrats! how did it go?

Bronx2020 said...

Thanks for the support. Full details in an upcoming post.

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