Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fallback plans, Teach For America, Etc..

I've now also applied to the Teach For America program. Here's what happened...

So, I was kind of freaking out yesterday. I realized that one of the two essays I submitted in the NYCTF had a few grammatical errors and typos. I think I copy/pasted an unedited version over by accident. Now I'm worried that I won't get an interview because of a copy/paste mistake.

I mean, I have a solid resume, a 4.0 GPA, etc -- I should at least get an INTERVIEW. But it got me thinking -- what if I don't get in. What would my fallback plan be?

I decided my plan B would be the Teach For America program. It's a similar alternative certification route program. It looks like the main difference is that they don't directly subsidize your Masters degree. However, they do pay a monetary bonus equalling about $9500 over two years of service -- and if I got my Masters from a CUNY school, it would financially end up being about the same. I haven't done as much research into the TFA program -- and the information on their website seems far more vague, with much less specifics.


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